Securit'Milk, identification leg bands for dairy cows: let us help you ensure the quality of your milk!

To guarantee your milk meets the highest quality standards, use our innovative and reliable leg band system to identify your dairy cows

When it comes to quality milk production, as in many other areas, the simple things in life often provide the best results.

As dairy farmers, we are often offered a range of very theoretical solutions to our problems.
Without my own experience of the concrete realities of dairy farming, I would probably never have had the idea for the Securit’Milk leg band system with its simple 4-colour identification system for keeping track of a dairy herd. Now, in response to requests from dairy farmers, a blue Securit’Milk leg band has been added to the range. It identifies cows producing lower value milk or with a high cell count.

During my agricultural studies, I also did some relief milking work and soon started to run an organisation for relief workers in the dairy sector. Additionally, a blue leg band identifies cows producing lower value milk or with a high cell count.

The problem of identifying cows treated with antibiotics was a constant topic of discussion among workers in the industry. Insulating tape on their tails, crayon marking, string and Velcro bands were all tested as ways of identifying the animals in question. But none of these solutions really stood the test of time as the animals moved around or rubbed against the walls of their stables and the grass in their fields.
The process for passing on instructions and information was also complicated.

Securit'Milk leg bands: a simple reliable system for quality milk and great peace of mind

identification leg band for dairy cows

Based on these two observations, I started to think about the best solution for this problem.
I designed and created different kinds of leg bands which I tested on my herd.
The leg bands had to be adapted to different breeds of dairy cow and different leg widths as these can vary substantially from one breed to another.

The prototype in which the leg band doubled back through a buckle seemed an interesting idea. The fact it ran through a loop meant it could adjust to different widths, much like a belt.
The combination of a buckle and an adhesive band proved successful.
After several months, the leg bands were still attached to my dairy cows.

Compared to a simple Velcro band, the principle of having the leg band double back through a buckle provided much greater resistance and made the leg bands much harder to tear off.
I patented my design in August 1995.
In September 1996, the Securit’Milk system was awarded the INNOV’SPACE prize.

Tensile tests performed in a laboratory confirmed the Securit’Milk leg band’s resistance:
Average resistance to tear: 23 daN for an older-style leg band with 5cm of contact and 100 daN for a Securit’Milk band. (1 daN = 1 kg)

Inhibitors: identifying cows and passing on information efficiently

The problems of milk quality and inhibitors arises due to antibiotic treatment, dry cows and colostrum periods.
Certain dairy cows also need specific monitoring.
Thanks to a whiteboard and four colour codes, Securit’Milk provides an easy solution to each of these situations, allowing you to keep track of your cows and for information to circulate easily among milkers and other people helping out (relief workers, neighbours, etc.). Additionally, a blue leg band identifies cows producing lower value milk or with a high cell count.

Thanks to this system, you can save in time and efficiency, rather than writing down information laboriously in a notebook.
The colour code system is easy to follow and ensures everyone is on the same page!
Today, thousands of Securit’milk boards are set up in dairy farms internationally and thousands of dairy farms are using our secure leg bands.

Securit’Milk offers a simple, efficient and inexpensive solution to make dairy farmers’ lives easier.